10 Top Tips for Preparing your nursery

10 Top Tips for preparing a Nursery for your new baby

Are you excited at the idea of preparing a nursery for your new baby? Are you anxious about getting things perfect?  Don’t worry everything doesn’t need to be perfect for Baby’s arrival as you really don’t need to have a room for them straight away, they should be sleeping with you for the first six months.  It is a good idea to do any DIY that is required before baby arrives however as you will underestimate how tired you will be when baby does arrive, this includes dad! You can still use your baby’s nursery as a play area, clothes store and changing room until he’s older.  Here are our top 10 tips for preparing a nursery for your new baby.

Do new mums need a baby box ?

Do new mums need a Baby Box ?

In Finland every parent receives a baby box, and most babies initially sleep in the box as well. They contain lots of good quality items such as a jauntily printed snowsuit, a toy rabbit, a blanket.  The concept behind baby boxes is two-fold. First, in a country that still remembers widespread poverty, it provides every child with the equipment to start life (parents of a second child can request cash instead). Second, it is a constant reminder that all Finns are equal in the eyes of the state. It doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are, you still get the box.

Pregnancy on a budget

Pregnancy on a budget

When pregnant there are many money related matters to consider, not least how you will cope when your full pay becomes maternity pay (or what you’ll do financially if you …