How to deal with baby eczema

How to deal with baby eczema

Eczema is a common skin condition that affects many children, often appearing during infancy and potentially lasting until a child gets much older.  My eldest daughter developed Eczema around 6 months old and so began the search for a magical potion or cream to improve it.  She got a lot better as she became older and was mostly better by the time she went to school.  She did have occasional flare ups when she got too warm or in the sun but overall it was much more manageable.  We also found that she managed a lot better when she did not have cows milk in her diet.  She is now a teenager and has great skin, although it can still be sensitive to chemicals in shower gels etc

So what is eczema? And more importantly, how do you manage the symptoms?

12 Lesser Known Benefits of Breastfeeding

It’s More Than A Feeling

Becoming a mom is like going to live on a new planet. There is so much unfamiliar stuff to consider: health factors, emotional issues, financial concerns and more. We bet all kinds of folks — ranging from your doctor to your best friend to the stranger at the coffee shop — have offered you unsolicited advice on what you should and shouldn’t do once your baby arrives. While some of the tips will be extremely helpful, others are bound to be off the mark.

When it comes to the more personal decisions, like whether or not to breastfeed, it’s best to fully research the topic. But with so much information available, there’s a good chance you’ll overlook some of the lesser-known facts.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 12 not-so-obvious reasons to breastfeed that should help you to make this important decision by the time your baby is in your arms.

What would you do without the internet?

What would you do without the Internet ?

Do you do a job that is internet based?  Would you be able to do your work without the internet?  It is amazing how many people today rely on the internet for their employment and how many more self employed people there are because of it. I was thinking about how much I rely on the internet for my day to day life and wondered what I would be doing if it wasn’t there?

The importance of Location

The importance of Location

We all know that when buying a new home that Location, Location, Location is the most important thing.  You have to think about how close you are to work, schools, family and even shops.  It is such an important decision to make as it impacts on all areas of your life.  As an online business being close to work isn’t a big problem for us, we could be based anywhere in the UK as long as we have good access to a post office. As a business I do know the importance of getting the correct address, services such as PCA Predict Address Verification can ensure we get the correct details when you’re online shopping.  This got us thinking about other area where the correct location is important.  In films the correct location can be a deal breaker, you need that iconic shot to make the film stand out.  Do you know where some of the iconic British films are actually shot?  #SeenOnTheScreen

10 Top Tips for Preparing your nursery

10 Top Tips for preparing a Nursery for your new baby

Are you excited at the idea of preparing a nursery for your new baby? Are you anxious about getting things perfect?  Don’t worry everything doesn’t need to be perfect for Baby’s arrival as you really don’t need to have a room for them straight away, they should be sleeping with you for the first six months.  It is a good idea to do any DIY that is required before baby arrives however as you will underestimate how tired you will be when baby does arrive, this includes dad! You can still use your baby’s nursery as a play area, clothes store and changing room until he’s older.  Here are our top 10 tips for preparing a nursery for your new baby.

8 tips to reduce your rubbish removal

Reduce Your Rubbish Removal Impact With These 8 Amazing Ideas

Are you a conscientious consumer who wants to reduce her rubbish removal? Great! As the word gets out about the harm our landfills are doing to our soil, water, and air, an increasing number of people are trying to do their part to reduce their rubbish removal and improve their ecological footprint on our planet. This is particularly true of parents and grandparents who want to set a good example for their kids and grandkids!

Here are eight ideas you may not have thought of before to reduce your rubbish removal. Get the kids involved in these efforts so they can remind you when you forget or begin to slide into your old habits! Kids are good when it comes to reminding adults what to do