Reduce Your Rubbish Removal Impact With These 8 Amazing Ideas

Are you a conscientious consumer who wants to reduce her rubbish removal? Great! As the word gets out about the harm our landfills are doing to our soil, water, and air, an increasing number of people are trying to do their part to reduce their rubbish removal and improve their ecological footprint on our planet. This is particularly true of parents and grandparents who want to set a good example for their kids and grandkids!

Here are eight ideas you may not have thought of before to reduce your rubbish removal. Get the kids involved in these efforts so they can remind you when you forget or begin to slide into your old habits! Kids are good when it comes to reminding adults what to do!

1. Take Your Own Reusable Containers For Take Out

We’re a society that always seems to be limited on time. Therefore, take out for lunch and dinner has become an increasingly popular way to save time. The problem with this time saver is it comes at a huge environmental cost! All those take out containers usually get binned and then taken to the landfill. Ease your guilty conscience and take your own reusable containers to your favorite restaurants and ask them to put your take out food in these instead of their disposable take out containers.

2. Take Your Own Reusable Containers When You Dine In Too

First, it’s a good idea to always take the leftovers when you eat at a restaurant because that food waste is otherwise most likely headed to the landfill where it produces hazardous greenhouse methane gas! Second, you should take along your own reusable containers instead of using the take out boxes they provide.

3. Buy In Bulk and Take Your Own Reusable Containers

You can very substantially reduce the food packaging that gets binned at your home if you buy in bulk and use your own reusable containers. Staples like flour, rice, beans, cereal, pasta, etc are all available (and cheaper) in bulk! So are goodies like candy, fig bars, spices, coffee, nuts, and so much more.

4. Take Reusable Containers With You When You Visit the Butcher (or a Fishmonger)

Here’s another way you can keep packaging out of the rubbish removal bin and the landfills! Most butchers (and fishmongers) will gladly accomodate your request to use your own containers. They can easily tare out the weight of your container so you’re not paying extra. When meat or fish is wrapped in paper, the blood and juice soaks into the paper and it must be discarded and there’s almost no chance it can be recycled! Reusable containers can be washed and used again…. a much more responsible choice!

packed lunch

5. Take Your Lunch In a Lunch Box and Use Reusable Containers

Don’t take your lunch in a bag that will be thrown in the bin and taken to the landfill! Take it in a reusable lunch box (or a reusable canvas bag) and use reusable containers to carry your food in this box or bag. Shop around and you can find really stylish modern lunch boxes or you could “go retro.” Just think, you could be an office trend setter! You can also wrap a sandwich and many other food items in washable and reusable cloth napkins!

6. Use a REAL Plate, a REAL Cup, and REAL Utensils At Work

If you keep a real plate, cup, and utensils at work, you won’t be tempted to use the plastic cups, plastic lined paper cups, paper plates, and plastic utensils so often provided in the work place! The same could be said if you are going on a picnic or overnight car camping. It doesn’t take a lot of extra space or weight to carry real utensils. You can also get real plates that aren’t that heavy!

7. Carry With You Reusable Canvass Shopping Bags

It takes plastic shopping bags somewhere between twenty years and one thousand years to break down once they’re in the landfill. The exact time in this wide range is dependent on whether or not they’re manufactured to be “biodegradable.” Regardless, they take too long! Furthermore, these plastic bags get caught in the wind like the sails on a sailboat! They end up in oceans, lakes, streams, and other bodies of water where wildlife mistake them for food, swallow them, and die! If you were to take a voyage to the bottom of the sea, there’s no doubt you’d find a plastic shopping bag!

8. Get Your Rubbish Clearance From Clearabee

While you can get your rubbish clearance from your local council, there’s actually a much better option if you’re a socially conscious individual. Clearabee has quickly grown to be the largest independent on demand rubbish clearance company in the UK, serving all parts of England, Scotland, and Wales. In most cases, you can even get same day service from Clearabee! The best part about Clearabee’s rubbish removal service is they painstakingly take every effort to take rubbish to places where it will be recycled or reused! In other words, if you use Clearabee for your rubbish clearance, a much higher percentage of your rubbish will be diverted from the landfill! Currently, they have a ninety percent recycle rate and they’re looking for ways to improve even more!

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