Merry Christmas Around the World

As we prepare to celebrate another Christmas my daughter asked me if everyone celebrates Christmas like we do ?  We decided that they probably don’t as most countries don’t have snow at Christmas so they must have different traditions such as a barbie for the Australians.  This handy infographic has loads of information on Christmas traditions around the world.  Did you know that the South Africans eat deep fried caterpillars as a treat – rather them than me !

My father told me as a young boy in Aberdeen they did not celebrate Christmas and you got a stocking at Hogmanay.  Now I was sceptical about this so did some research and it turns out he was right !  Christmas was not celebrated as a festival and virtually banned in Scotland for around 400 years, from the end of the 17th century to the 1950s. The reason for this dates back to the years of Protestant Reformation, when the straight-laced Kirk proclaimed Christmas as a Popish or Catholic feast, and as such needed banning.  Right up until the 1950s that many Scots worked over Christmas and celebrated their winter solstice holiday at New Year when family and friends would gather for a party and to exchange presents which came to be known as Hogmanay.


This infographic was kindly prepared by bright horizons nursery in Banstead.

Let us know if you have celebrated Christmas abroad and what traditions you saw.

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