Five Types of People you will meet at the Supermarket

The daily or weekly trip to the supermarket is always a unique experience. From the time I can remember, as a kid the most exciting part of going out with mum would be the stop at a supermarket. It was a time of wonder, being pushed while sitting on the trolley full of groceries, looking at the marvellous stuff on each aisle. I even remember throwing a couple of tantrums so that mum would wheel me towards the chocolate and biscuits aisle.  Today as an adult, I still love visits to the supermarket, and much like Ginsberg’s famous poem “A Supermarket in California”, it is a place of wonder for me, meeting the strangest people and watching little stories unfold between the aisles. Here are a list of a couple of people you will definitely have met during one of your visits! 

  1. The Frenzied Mum

Hair disheveled, she frantically runs along the aisles managing to shop at breakneck speed while also giving instructions to kids on the phone. Within twenty minutes, her shopping is completed with not a single item missed out on. She knows the exact spot for every single thing she’s looking for and chances are, she’s probably impatiently waited for you to move along and clear her path. The best thing to do is jump out of her path and let her tornado her way back home. 

  1. The Family Wagon

Mum, Dad and their bunch of packrats are all present. The family seems to be on a holiday, and the kids are uncontrollable, running in every direction into every aisle. They leisurely browse through each aisle, checking out multiple brands and allowing their kids to wreck havoc. They climb the racks, they topple the neatly stacked boxes, they tussle and fight in the middle of the floor. We don’t exactly love them, but hey, who doesn’t love a trip to the supermarket? Live and let live. 

  1. The Electronic Zombie

More likely a young adult than senior citizen, they walk into pillar, post and people. Their gaze doesn’t divert from the brightly glowing phone screens they clutch in their palms, wheeling the pushcart carelessly with a single hand. “Sorry, I’m so sorry!”, they mutter each time they walk into someone, but they just don’t stop. My guess would be they’re hooked to online bingo and can’t look away. This especially true for those who play on Rehab Bingo for it’s exciting games and jackpots. For more information about Rehab bingo, click here.

  1. The Hoarder

Their trolleys creak with the sheer weight of things stuffed in. They shop as if they were stocking on supplies anticipating a zombie apocalypse or nuclear war. Everything in sight in flung into their cart, and often you’ll see groceries sliding right off the sky high pile and hassled attendants running after them. Whether it’s the thrill of retail therapy or just loving a bulk purchase, they go all out! 

  1. The Socialisers

Their carts bear just a handful of items- chips, a soft drink, possibly a toothbrush at most. They are there purely to interact. Standing in groups doubling over in laughter over some joke, old ladies catching up on gossip or two teenage boys grinning and pointing at the pretty cashier- you can’t help but grin and try to overhear their conversation. Come on, admit it. We all love eavesdropping, and the supermarket is the best place for it too!

What type if Shopper are you ?  We would love to hear your thoughts !

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