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learn to trust your motherly instincts
I’m Katy, a 28 year old wife and mother from Essex. I am self-employed and I work from home full-time. I blog over at where I help people learn about making and saving money online. I make more than £3,000 online monthly from a variety of different methods and I love to help other people make more money to improve their lives. Here is my story about our daughter Daisy and why you should trust your instincts:

In March 2016 my husband and I were fortunate enough to become parents to our first daughter, Daisy. We had a long battle, of 7+ years, to conceive Daisy and then my pregnancy was difficult too with sickness from 5 weeks until I gave birth to my daughter at 38 weeks. 

Daisy was on the small side, at 5lb 13oz, when born due to a placental problem however she was breastfed and everything was going well for us for the first week or so. Then at 10 days old Daisy began to projectile vomit frequently.

We visited our GP several times, and each time was told that vomiting is normal for babies. Relatives that witnessed the sickness for themselves would say that they had NEVER seen a baby vomit like Daisy. Despite this we kept being told that we were experiencing something that is completely normal for all babies.

At 5 weeks old Daisy had a night where she projectile vomited more than 5 times in one evening and at 6am we ended up visiting the hospital. Daisy was dehydrated and we were told that she likely had a cows milk protein allergy. As Daisy was now so unwell we were told to change to an amino acid based prescription milk immediately.

Initially the first milk that Daisy was prescribed worked well, however the symptoms began to return at around 9-10 weeks and we then had to change to a different milk. This time around I wasn’t prepared to be fobbed off and I rang my GP and told him that the milk was no longer working and an alternative was required. I was told that it is normal for babies to still be sick while adjusting, however, as her symptoms had stopped completely and then returned I refused to take no for an answer. 

Trust your motherly instincts

Daisy is now almost six months old and thriving. She has moved from below the centiles to the 75th centile and we are so happy. Daisy has to have daily medication, to help with gastro oesophageal reflux disease but this should resolve itself within a year or two. Our weaning journey is going to be different to the one that we had imagined, however, as long as our daughter has food in her belly and isn’t in agony everyday we are happy! 

Our journey for a diagnosis of CMPA was much faster than a lot that I have read about. It was unfortunate that our daughter was severely dehydrated and needed to go to hospital, however, this helped us be taken more seriously and not be dismissed as anxious first time parents. 

What I have learned from having a baby with CMPA is that even when your baby is tiny, and you feel like you barely know one another, your instinct will still be there and you will know what is right and wrong for your own child. Trust your judgement as a parent and be sure to be firm with your GP. To help support our diagnosis we took a video of the extent of the vomiting and on one occasion I had to measure the quantity – which helped us get the GORD diagnosis. 

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