5 Unexpected Things You Definitely Need For Your Newborn.

It may seem like a long time since my little guy was a newborn but my biggest memory of that period is just how much you are needed. Newborns are high maintenance (to the point of being almost unreasonable). Sometimes more so before they’re born than when they turn up. You’re always told what to buy and what you definitely need, but really what do you actually NEED for a newborn and what do you just think you need? We’ve had a year now to reflect on the stuff we found that we needed with our Short Rib when he was a proper tiddler, in those first few months where they’re super squishy.  Of course, every baby is different but there were the five things we were so grateful for in those first few weeks. Some are obvious but some, not so much.

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Muslin cloths

Sick shield, clothes protector, milk mopper upper and general comfort blanket for your newborn. We were bought these and thought we would never use them (but they were on offer and we were excited). Within the first week of him arriving, we’d bought about twenty more because we’d be lost without them. When Short Rib was tiny, muslins used to calm him when he was rather impatiently waiting to be fed, and used to chew on them when he very first started teething. They also make great cover ups for Breastfeeding mums if you buy some of the larger sizes along with impromptu changing mats in manky public toilets !  They are invaluable and I highly recommend investing in some for your baby even if you think you’ll never use them. Because you will and you’ll never look back.

Breastmilk bags / Formula Holders

We are massive advocates of being prepared in his house. As formula feeders, we are incredibly thankful for the little pots that allow us to pre-measure our feeds for when we’re out and about and he decides that the only way to communicate that he’s a bit peckish, is to scream at the top of his tiny lungs. We still use them now for his toddler formula when we’re off out or for his days at nursery and for only a couple of quid for a box, they’re amazing. For breastfeeders who don’t want to whack their boobs out in front of the old couple in Tesco looking at tinned tomatoes, breastmilk bags are your version of formula holders. Probably a struggle trying not to get it all over the floor of aisle three, but still a lifesaver when in need.

5 things you didn't know you needed for a newborn @more4mumsWhite Noise

White noise is… wonderful. Dreamy, monotonous sounds on loop that will send everyone in the house off to sleep in a jiffy. There are so many apps on phones these days that play all sorts of noises. We’ve been using one since he was born and even do so still at 13 months old, Short Rib is totally calmed by the sound of a vacuum cleaner. I would implore you to get into this habit early of aiding your little one to sleep with white noise. It soothes them (it reminds them of being in the womb, apparently) and builds up an association for later when you’re trying to get them to nap for longer and on cue. Pick your favourite noises and stick with ‘em, so you can enjoy the relaxing benefits too!

More nappies than you ever thought necessary

I… severely underestimated the workings of my newborn’s digestive system. I mean, the amount of peeing that the little fella did in those first months is staggering (it does get better though, mercifully). Every ten minutes, that little strip has turned blue and your baby’s lower half is bulging out of your cute babygrow. It just ruins the whole look. There are no nappy bins big enough to adequately deal with the torrent of bodily fluids coming your way so stock up well ahead of time and keep stocked up. You will always need more.

newborn baby essentials you need @more4mums

Hooded towels

We completely overlooked towels for Short Rib. Completely. It was only in our Bounty Pack we received in the hospital and we got our free one that we realised we probably shouldn’t be wrapping our baby in a towel that weighs more than he does. Enter cute hooded towels small enough and soft enough for your little bundle of joy and peace is restored to the galaxy. They’re just the right size, they keep your little bundle of joy warm all over and don’t take up much space in the airing cupboard. Sadly they’ll grow out of them eventually but there’s nothing stopping you saving the cutest one as a souvenir of how tiny they once were!

Let us know in the comments whether we’ve overlooked something utterly essential.

What have been your absolute must have items when looking after your little ones?

8 thoughts on “5 Unexpected Things You Definitely Need For Your Newborn.

  1. oana79 Reply

    Nappies, I remember being totally shocked at how quickly a tiny human being can be at going though a huge box of them, lol

  2. Erica Price Reply

    I was shocked by the number of nappies we got through as a newborn. Had to make a quick shopping trip.

  3. Zena's Suitcase Reply

    Hooded towels are definitely a winner, I’ve used them with all my children and they are just so cuddly in them

  4. Kara Guppy Reply

    A good list although I never did get on with hooded towels – they were too small and not soft enough for me

  5. Ickle Pickle Reply

    Some great suggestions – I had so many muslin cloths, they are super useful. Kaz x

  6. Kirsty Hijacked By Twins Reply

    I nodded with all of these items. I got through so many muslim cloths with the twins x

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