A Mothers Day Guide for New Dads

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Now I know the children are meant to be the ones sending mothers day gifts but if Dad forgets the 1st mothers day there is going to be big trouble ! It is all about putting a little bit of effort in that will be gratefully received.  You are both probably completely sleep deprived and feeling exhausted but a little bit of planning will pay off. So if you know a new dad then why not share this post and get him some big brownie points !

Mothers Day Guide for New Dads

Hotmilk Bras


Gorgeous Nursing Bra

If Mum is Breastfeeding it can feel like a slog sometimes so some pretty underwear is just the ticket.  We love the hotmilk nursing  bras as they are glamorous, great quality and practical.   The models here are ordinary mums that are modelling to show that all shapes and sizes are gorgeous.   The bras are designed for Breastfeeding Mums so they can feel good about themselves and go from C to H cups so there should be something for everyone.  We have some on sale over on the site today so take a look.

spa treatment

Spa or Beauty voucher

No one else to think about, time to chill out and relax, just what is required.  Sites such as Groupon and Last Minute are a good source of value for money vouchers which make a great present.  Just remember to ensure you are looking after baby that day !  If you have a really small baby then a Spa voucher may be too much time away for mum but if your baby is a bit older than this is a real treat!  With a small baby a voucher for a hair cut or nail treatment may be more suitable and still a lovely treat.

Family Birthstone Bracelet

Personalised Gift

There are so many gorgeous gifts available to buy and a site like Not on the high street is a great source of inspiration.  This beautiful bracelet has personalised birthstones for everyone in the family which is so cute.  It is so much more individual than a Pandora bangle and would earn any dad brownie points for thoughtfulness; plus its a great price – what’s not to love ?


A lovely bottle of champagne or prosecco never goes wrong, it’s a bit of a treat and feels like a special occasion, you can’t go wrong – unless Mum doesn’t drink of course which leads us to…

Bubbles – take 2

Go for the bubbles that go in a shower or bath and add in a scented candle for good measure.  My advice here is to go for quality over quantity, one gorgeous treat is better than a box of low quality wares.  For inspiration see what mum keeps for special on display in the bedroom or bathroom or ask for a hint – we prefer to get something we want rather than something that will be wasted.

Breakfast in bed

Make Breakfast, lunch and Dinner !!!!

This may sound like a big chore but if mum is on Maternity leave then chances are she has been making all the meals for the last few months as well as feeding baby and is in need of a break.  If you can, shop for the food the day before and plan an easy breakfast in bed along with a snack lunch then you can always order in a takeaway if you are no Jamie Oliver.  It is all about the thought !

mohers day card

Don’t forget the Mothers Day card

You have to get mum/mummy/mothers a first Mothers Day card – you can source online or pop out in your lunch break then get baby’s fingerprints on the card.  If you forget then woe and betide you – it won’t be forgotten for many years to come !  If you are a keyboard warrior then Moonpig has a great range of cards like the one above that you can personalise – if you only manage a card and a cup of hot tea for mummy then this is the card to get – you will be forgiven !

I hope you have enjoyed our Mothers Day Guide for new dads but whatever you do for the 1st mothers day enjoy your day and wonder at the marvel of parenthood and your beautiful baby xx


11 thoughts on “A Mothers Day Guide for New Dads

  1. Cathy (MummyTravels) Reply

    Agreed – it’s the thought that counts. Even when you’re not a new mum, a bit of pampering (even a lie in!) would go down a treat. The bracelet is a sweet idea too though.


    Amazing advice for this dad-to-be!! Hadn’t quite appreciated it’ll be up to me to sort Mothers Day for a good few years until the kids are big enough to make things themselves! #MMWBH!

    • more4admin Post authorReply

      I am glad I have go one dad to be thinking about it already ! My husband is great but sometimes needs a helping hand in the right direction.

  3. Rachel Reply

    I love the idea of something personalised and it is such a great hint for dads to be xx

    • more4admin Post authorReply

      I thought it would be a good idea as my husband never remembers until the last minute and has no idea what to buy !

  4. Amy Hunt Reply

    I like that this is aimed at new dads, such a great idea for a new post. Keeps things fresh 🙂 xx

  5. Jenny Reply

    Fantastic mother’s day gift ideas for the newbies! I would have loved these. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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