Gift Guide for Baby’s First Christmas 

When it comes to buying Christmas presents for children, your own or anyone else’s you really can have fun with what you choose. At first it may be hard to get your head around what to buy for a tiny tot that really isn’t “in” to anything just yet however this gift guide for babies may be just what you’ve been needing in order to get started!

  1. Clothes
    t is perfectly ok to buy clothing for babies for Christmas, especially very new babies who won’t have long been enjoying “Welcome to the world” gifts. A top tip when buying clothing however is to buy bigger. If everyone buys a baby 6-8 month clothing at Christmas within two months he or she will have outgrown them all. Buy something for a few months down the line (bearing in mind seasonal changes) and explain this to the parents who will be very grateful. The same applies to your own little one/s of course.  Having decided what size you may now have fun finding something a bit different!BABY CLOTHES
  2. Something Pretty and Personalised
    Very young babies and children won’t necessarily get a lot of Christmas gifts (in that they are too young to understand it) however when you buy something personalised, special to them and them alone they may come to appreciate it when they are older and their parents will get joy from it now. There is a wealth of personalised presents to choose from such as wall plaques, clocks, teddy bears and more.
    We love this personalised santa sack  from the Funky Fairy. baby gift
  3. Keepsakes
    As above keepsakes are a great way to get around the “What do I buy a baby?” angst. A keepsake could literally be anything. Money boxes, silver cups and spoons, special books or book collections, photo frames and more all make great gifts which may be loved and treasured for years to come. A keepsake gift doesn’t even need to be new as if you are looking for something for a family baby something from the family, again a book, a collection of something or a small piece of jewellery may be given for the parents to hold for the little one until they are old enough to appreciate them.
  4. Photograph Gifts
    Parents just love snapping pictures of their little ones. A photo frame, album or a voucher for prints, a photo canvas or even a basic portrait shoot could make a great gift for baby or a collective one for baby and parents. This is a great way to get some pictures off the computer or camera and actually up on the walls to be enjoyed.  This is a really cute album we have fallen in love with from Not on the high gift
  5. Money Gifts and Vouchers
    Some relatives and friends do decide to give a small money gift or even vouchers in lieu of an actual gift if they don’t want to buy clothes, basic baby toys or similar.  While this isn’t an actual gift to open as such it is a thoughtful one as it enables parents to start or add to savings that their little one may enjoy and receive the benefit of when older. With money or vouchers parents could also choose a physical gift themselves which means there will be no duplication and whatever is bought is something you know will be used and loved.

baby gifts

What was the best baby gift you ever received or have heard of?

Do you find baby gift shopping difficult?

If so we hope these ideas help get you started!




8 thoughts on “Gift Guide for Baby’s First Christmas 

  1. Becca @ Amuse Your Bouche Reply

    Great ideas! There will be two new babies arriving in my extended family in the next year, so I’ll have to remember these for next Christmas!

  2. fashion-mommy Reply

    My best present ever was my baby, he came nearly 7 weeks early on 17th December.

  3. jaklien Reply

    Great gift options. I have got some babies in my family and my circle of friends to get presents for so these are very helpful.

  4. Life as Mum Reply

    I was shopping for a gift for my friends little boy’s first Christmas last weekend and found it quite difficult!
    Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky

  5. Something Crunchy Mummy Reply

    Lovely gift guide and ideas. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

  6. Rhonda Gales Reply

    Stopping by from Sunday’s Best linkup. Thanks for sharing these gift ideas for Baby’s First Christmas. It contains great ideas.

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