First Aid for Families 

Many of you will have seen or heard about the recent tragic story of a young boy dying as a result of a choking incident while out with his family. The news of the incident and his death hit media hard, not only because of how appalling it was but was also shared as a reminder to many the importance of knowing what to do in an emergency situation and brushing up on your first aid knowledge.

Many parents will at some time or another have found themselves on a first aid course as a work requirement or as part of other training. Not all will however and those who have been first aid trained may well benefit from a first aid refresher course themselves. Those who attend first aid training for work need to re-attend a course every three years in order to ensure that their knowledge is current to remind themselves of important points.

This blog is not a first aid guide for babies and children as such training is better left to those who are qualified to instruct. What we are hoping to do here instead is to remind ourselves and others of the importance of knowing what to do when things go wrong.

First Aid Training for Parents

There is a wealth of information and books on family first aid readily available for parents to find, read and review. The Red Cross for example have here supplied a brilliant breakdown of basic first aid information on their website here. It is important to remember that adult first aid and first aid for babies and children may be different dependant on the situation and therefore these sources of information should whenever possible be backed up with official first aid training.

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Where To Find First Aid Training

Again the British Red Cross are usually the first port of call when it comes to looking for first aid courses for members of the public and you may find a course finder for your local area here. Other sources of information on public courses may be found via your GP service, health visitors, community noticeboards and websites as well as Children Centres and other family services.

If you are unable to find a course already running locally it might be worth talking to those who run local branches of family-focused organisations to see if they would be able to put together training if enough people could be encouraged to attend. There is certainly no harm in asking as these are important skills which could well save a life.

Are you first aid trained? Would you like to be? There is never a better time than now to look into finding official first aid training and in the meantime do please have a good read of the guidance available via The British Red Cross.

6 thoughts on “First Aid for Families 

  1. hannah Reply

    First Aid is a great skill to be able to have. It’s always handy and you never know when you may need it x

  2. Melissa Zia Reply

    Very informative post and thanks for sharing! It’s very important knowing first aid

  3. Cheryl @ ReimerandRuby Reply

    Great post! I have tried first aid training long time ago, I think I need some refresher course. I know how important it is being trained as you never know when an emergency arise. #KCACOLS

    • more4admin Reply

      I know Cheryl, the advice has changed since I did my training and it is also a bit different for babies and children.

  4. Maria @ Suburban Mum Reply

    This is a really informative post. I did a first aid course about 4 years ago now so I think I definitely need to look at doing another. It’s definitely something we should all know how to do.

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday! x

  5. Becky at PinksCharming Reply

    I did first aid training when my eldest was a few months old but that was close to five years ago so I think I could do with a refresher. Great article, thanks for sharing at #KCACOLS Becky x

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