Baking and Cooking with Children / Toddlers

With all the GBBO hype it is easy to get enthusiastic about donning your pinny and getting down to some good old-fashioned baking fun in your own kitchen. Baking is of course also a fabulous activity to share with your little ones as it is fun, it helps build skills such as measuring, pouring, mixing, sprinkling and you also get an opportunity while having fun to start teaching your little ones about kitchen safety and hygiene.

Of course one of the perks of choosing cooking with children as an activity is that at the end of your bakery session you have yummy treats to enjoy. Perhaps a teddy bear’s picnic or tea party could be in order, with the mini chef as guest of honour and whatever you’ve baked or cooked to snack on?

Enjoy seasonal treats with Autumn or Winter themed baking sessions, colourful summery salads and more. What about these easy Bonfire Night sprinklers for very little ones?

baking with kids
Simply dip the end of your chocolate fingers into warm water so that the chocolate starts to melt and then roll / dip the end into coloured tasty sparkles, hundreds and thousands or similar sweet bits. Leave to cool for a few minutes and voila, you have edible (and very yummy sparklers).

Whether you fancy sweet treats or something savoury there are a great number of recipes to choose from online and if you pop down to your local library you’ll no doubt find a dedicated section on cooking and baking with children.

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What are your favourite recipes to enjoy making (and eating!) with your children?

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4 thoughts on “Baking and Cooking with Children / Toddlers

  1. Face Up Beauty Reply

    I’m afraid I do cop out when it comes to cooking with my daughter. She’s now 10, so perhaps the mess creating wouldn’t quite as bad as when we last did it 5 years ago, lol! Tx

  2. dominika Reply

    I always browse Pinterest for recipe inspiration and it never disappoints:) love the idea of decorating chocolate sticks 🙂


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