Fun Days Out on a Budget 

Whether you are looking for fun days out on a budget over the summer holidays, half terms or at the weekend we have a number of great ideas here for you!

Explore Your Local Area

Have you ever searched online for local walks around your village, town or city? Maybe you could make up your own routes and see parts of the place that you’ve not seen? If you visit the local tourist information centre they will be able to tell you about great local attractions, historical places of interest and more.  One of the very best and undoubtedly the cheapest days out involves a picnic, a field or park and a frisbee or football.

Use TescoClubcard Vouchers

If you shop at Tesco and use a Clubcard to accrue points you have the opportunity four times a year to use these points, converted to vouchers for shopping, days out and more. Just visit the Clubcard website to see how you may boost your vouchers to gain free entry to a number of attractions, save on public transport and more.

Visit a Pet Store

Going to the zoo may be great fun however it can also be very expensive to gain entry. If there are smaller farms or similar that allow the public to visit for a more modest fee this can be a great idea. Cheaper still is a visit to a pet shop. Many small independent stores as well as larger pet and animal care chains have animals for viewing and sale. Enjoy visiting everything from goldfish to hamsters, rabbits and more. Garden centres often also have fish and small animals you may say hello to.

Free Attractions

All around the UK are a number of great museums and attractions which offer free entries. Smaller local museums as well as places such as the National Railway Museum are currently free to visit. Parenting site Netmumshave put together a list of the most voted for top free attractions around the UK which may be found here.


If you and your children love adventure and a bit of a hunt then geocaching could be for you! It is basically a digital treasure hunt that has things and places to find around the UK and even abroad. All you need is either a hand held GPS or an app that you may download onto your Android or Smartphone which will help you find hidden spots in your area. When you find them you may log them on the computer when you get home. Some locations have things to find and some don’t. Have a look at the geocaching website to find out more.

Hit the Forest

Visit the Forestry Commission website  to view local forest walks and bike rides along maintained and contained roads and paths. As you only pay for the car and not a hefty entrance fee (this charge goes towards the upkeep of the walks and signage etc) this makes for a great thrifty fun day out. Take camera, binoculars and insect and bird guide books and enjoy a real forest adventure.

What are your top tips for free or cheap fun days out on a budget with the family?

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11 thoughts on “Fun Days Out on a Budget 

  1. You Baby Me Mummy Reply

    Great ideas, we often pop to the pet shop! Thanks for linking up to #TheList – if you could add our badge or link back that would be great

  2. Kate Reply

    Pet shops are brilliant for free activities. The boys love them and we have a few lovely garden centres close by where you can play on the playground, see the pets and have a cake or two. We tried geocaching but weren’t very good at it do I think we need to give it another go 😀

    • Lynn Hogg Reply

      Garden centres are great aren’t hey ? Our one has a little farmers market section with free samples as well which are always good

  3. Mummy To The Max Reply

    Fantastic post. On rainy days we often visit the pet shop and it keeps Maxwell entertained. He love’s seeing the animals and learning about them.

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