Dressing For Summer Breastfeeding 

The early weeks, months and years of parenthood and breastfeeding can be something of an overwhelming time. What is important, essential even is that you mums take time out for yourself. When it comes to dressing yourself choose items that make you feel good which still enable you to enjoy breastfeeding both at home and while out and about with ease.

Dressing for summer breastfeeding may offer a few additional hurdles for some however we have some great ideas for you to explore in order to find some fabulous summer breastfeeding options for you which are both practical and make you feel fabulous.

Sleeveless Swing Tops
Button down swing tops and loose, cool and comfortable (as well as stylish) kimono design tops work brilliantly over jeans, linen trousers and longer skirts especially. Not only do these enable you to breastfeed in comfort; with an array of fabulously colourful designs available you’ll be able to really add some pop to your look.

Dress up your tops with bright, colourful and cool scarves or enjoy the design benefits of chic pastels for a more bohemian look. Not only will a scarf cover what some breastfeeding mums refer to as the “one full one empty” difference in breast sizes some experience, they may be worn any way you like to cover leakages, offer privacy and generally turn up the notch on your cool summer look.


Vest Tops
Whether you are layering up (because a beautifully hot morning in the UK could well suddenly turn into a less warm afternoon) or are taking advantage of a beautifully sunny summer day these More4Mums breastfeeding vest tops offer a comfortable, flattering and convenient top for summer breastfeeding. With a number of cool colours available why not mix and match your outfits, coordinating summer pumps or sandals, jewellery and vest tops?

emma jane vest top pink


Nursing Dresses
Not only do these gorgeous nursing dresses allow you to breastfeed easily they also make fabulous occasion dresses (perfect for weddings) as well as chic everyday wear for those balmy summer days. Add coordinating jewellery, a bag and shoes (or even a hat if it is a posh event) along with a fringed shawl or similar for later in the day when the temperature drops or for a more casual look a colourful cardigan.

Putting together a summer-weather wardrobe when you are breastfeeding needn’t be either difficult or expensive as there are a number of great affordable choices for you. Enjoying playing with scarves, accessories and trying new colours this summer, whether you are home or even holidaying abroad , safe in the knowledge that your new comfortable yet stylish look goes hand in hand with the day to day fun that is being a breastfeeding parent.

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