Hidden Pregnancy – what do you think ?

….Or not at all!

The media was filled recently with the story of how couple Ada Guan and Wes Branch received a rather suprising gift on board their Air Canada flight to Tokyo  when their daughter Chloe was born at 37000 feet. Both maintained that they had absolutely no idea and that the baby was completely unexpected. They were on their way to Japan on holiday when Ada went into labour mid-air.

Hidden pregnancies have hit the headlines before and so are not unheard of. That said many remain sceptical.

“Even if you escape the morning sickness, the cravings, the missed periods, the weight gain and all of the other fun parts associated with pregnancy how can you miss the kicks?”.

Missing Periods

There are many reason it would appear why a pregnancy might be missed or simply not considered until later on or in rare cases until labour day. While traditionally missing periods are a sign of pregnancy some women do continue to bleed throughout and for those with irregular bleeding anyway periods being absent may not ring alarm bells.

Weight Gain / Baby Bump

While typically women do gain weight and sport by the end of their pregnancies an impressive baby bump not all do. In many cases of hidden pregnancies either the mothers have gained very little weight or haven’t attributed the extra gain to pregnancy. As not all pregnancies offer a perfectly rounded big baby bump again it is not impossible to believe that someone might reach full term without gaining weight.

Movement / Kicks

Of all of the pregnancy “symptoms” it is perhaps not feeling or not recognising the baby’s movement that puzzles many mother who can’t fathom how you can get to such a late stage of pregnancy and not be bombarded by tell-tale kicks. In the case of an anterior placenta however where the placenta growns in front of the baby many report reduced or missing movement as the placenta acts as a cushion of sorts between the baby and the tummy.  Other explanations have included blaming the symptoms on wind, bowel issues and more.

What do you think? Do you believe that it is entirely possible for someone to get pregnant and not know it before going into labour or do you believe, like some do, that they must have had some idea. Perhaps denial / shock or inexperience does play a part in stories like this however professionals do back up the fact that there are documented cases of women going into labour truly not realising that they are pregnant.

Here at More4Mums we believe that it is very possible to get to a late stage of pregnancy and not know it if you have an anterior placenta, are on contraception, don’t gain weight, have infrequent / missing periods anyway etc. The right combination of these happenings could well result in a hidden pregnancy. We have to say though, assuming that the baby is a happy suprise once the shock wears off I think many would feel a little cheated having not had a chance to enjoy the pregnancy process. What we mean by this is the discovery, the opportunity to get to research pregnancy and parenthood, to ask questions, have scans, mark milestones. prepare yourself and your home etc. While some women have what they would describe as awful pregnancies thanks to sickness and more others don’t and enjoy the journey.

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