Getting a Passport for Baby / Young Child

As if choosing, paying for and organising a holiday abroad with your children wasn’t a large enough task parents also need to remember to apply for a passport for their baby / child in order for them to be able to travel. Once upon a time babies travelled ‘on” their parent’s passport however this changed some years ago and it is now a legal requirement for babies to have their own passport.

What it Costs

To apply for your child’s passport online or via post it costs £46. If you want to use the Post Office’s passport check and send service in branch (they will check your application there and then, as well as any documents which will speed up your application as it is unlikely to be refused or need additional information) this costs £55.73. You can find more information on the Check and Send service here. When budgeting for your child’s passport remember to include the cost of having photographs taken and postal charges such as £3 to have your documents returned via secure post rather than “normal” post.

How Long Does it Take

The current guidance states that a child’s passport should take around three weeks so ensure that you leave plenty of time for this with some to spare incase there are any delays or issues which might extend the time of the process.


There are very specifc rules regarding photographs on a passport, for children and adults which may be found here. The quickest and easiest way to have photographs taken that will pass muster with the passport office is to have professional shots done. Many local photographers will offer a passport photo service with some charging as little as £5. For peace of mind and for ease this could be the best option, especially if in a hurry!

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Everything you need to know regarding timings, costs, documents, the signing of photographs and more may be found via the website here.

Do you have any top tips for getting through the passport process?


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