Breastfeeding Boobies on Instagram

There has been no end of discussion, heated debate and confusion regarding the social media rules regarding what certain sites do and don’t consider nudity. Facebook especially has hit the headlines several times for deleting breastfeeding pictures and more. In a pro-active move towards clearing up any doubt regarding their own position regarding Breastfeeding on Instagram, the popular photograph based social media sharing site has updated and published its community guidelines regarding this issue.

The update guidelines which may be found here now state that pictures of women breastfeeding as well as post-mastectomy scarring are permitted as are “some” photographs of female nipples. Nudity in sculptures and pieces of art are also allowed.

The site has previously come under fire from users and the media for randomly it would seem deleting photographs uploaded of topless women in a variety of styles, including breastfeeding. They remain firm on their stance regarding keeping the site a “safe and authentic” place for users and maintain that any images of “sexual intercourse, genital and close-ups of fully nude buttocks” will not be allowed. Users who do not adhere to the community guidelines face their accounts being shut down.

While these rules are not exactly new, with Instagram changing their policies very little since they broke into the social media market back in 2010 with their popular app they are certainly more defined and clearer for the user to understand.

While there continues to be a number of users unhappy with their freedom of expression being stifled others are happier that their breastfeeding photographs and similar may now be shared without concern.  We love this post below:

There is a fine line between what is and isn’t acceptable it would appear however it would seem that the social media giants are catching up with what their users feel is acceptable now we’ve reached 2015.

What is your take on social media rules and regulations when it comes to photographs? Would you post your  stretch marks, your post-surgery scars and pictures of breastfeeding openly? Have you previously had pictures deleted? We’d love to hear the user’s experience and opinion.

Here at More4Mums we certainly welcome the confirmation that breastfeeding on Instagram and post-surgery scarring images will be allowed to remain.

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