How to be a “Good Enough Mum”

These days there seems to be so much pressure to be the best mum, to do it “right” and to be a “good enough” mum.

  • You musn’t be a stay at home mum, how does that teach your children a decent work ethic?
  • You must not work full time. What kind of a parent would do that and let other people bring up their child?
  • You shouldn’t work part time and be home the rest of the time. That will just send confusing mixed messages.
  • You must breastfeed until your child is 2yrs.
  • You must not breastfeed for too long or your baby will get too attached.

The list goes on and on…..
There seems to be far too many judgements and “right ways” to parents these days, all of which put additional pressures on parents to Do It Right. There really is no such thing as a perfect parent and when it comes to parenting decisions and trying to do it all taking a step back can be the most beneficial thing for baby and Mum!

When your babies and children are growing time flies by as they develop and alter so quickly. Those who spend less time being good enough or trying to Do It Right will ultimately be less stressed. It stands to reason that a more relaxed home is a happier one. Unfortunately a lot of the pressure to be the very best and do it all comes from Mums themselves as they strive their hardest to be everything and do everything.

Consider taking a step back!

How to be a good enough Mother @more4mums

For example:

Home Cooked Food
There really is no hard and fast rule that says your family must have a cooked from scratch meal on the table each and every night. Some ready made foods are perfectly fine for children however if you do want to serve a homecooked meal… cheat! Batch cook easy but wholesome meals when you have time and put them in the freezer for when you need them.

The Top Toys, Brands and Names
What do you remember from your childhood? Is it the toy you favoured for a week when you were two or was it snuggles and laughter? Children don’t need flashy and expensive toys and games to entertain them. Give them a cardboard box to play in (hours of fun), plastic pots and wooden spoons to bang or basic toys. That’s all they really need.

Birthday Parties
Four hundred pounds for a first birthday party including the venue, the entertainment, a caterer etc? All your little one will care about is that their friends came to play, that there were balloons and cake! Unless you want to don’t feel you have to go OTT with parties.

Taking shortcuts is not only allowed, it should be actively encouraged.

Have you been caught up in the perfect parent pressure? What are your top shortcuts? We’d love to hear from you!

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