Toddler Fun in The Snow

A rather apt post for today as some parts of the UK have had snow or are (mostly) eagerly awaiting it. While the cold, the wet and fluffy might not appeal much to many grown ups, especially when it comes to driving anywhere, it  is the stuff of dreams for children. If your toddlers and younger children are ready to play we have some fun games and activities here for you to enjoy.

Snow Angels
An old one but a good one, making snow angels couldn’t be easier or more fun. All you have to do is find a snow fill space, lie down flat and move your arms and legs about through the snow, making an angel shape. This is aways accompanied with much laughter and is usually an activity best enjoyed at the end of the play session, so that you and your litle one/s can go inside and get warmed up.

Snow People
Make a snow man, a snow woman, Miss Brown from Nursery, your family or even your pet. Don’t forget to raid the cloakroom for hats, gloves, scarves and any other funny bits and pieces which will make your snow figures all the more fun.

Snow Castles
Dig out the bucket and spade, last used at the beach and enjoy making a snow castle. The bigger the better. Decorate with twigs, leaves and little stones.

Footprint Fun
Whether you are in our own garden, your street or have headed out for a walk in the snow you’ll be bound to find footprints. Some will be big, some will be small and some might not be human at all. Look for bird, cat and dog prints amongsts the snow.

Feed the Birds and Ducks
If you are lucky enough to have a duck pond or similar nearby snowy weather is a good time to get bundled up and head to see them with some bread. Similarly why not make some bird feeders (one easy way would be to hollow out an orange and fill with feed/seed) and place or hang in the garden. Little ones love to see the different birds sweeping in and eating their goodies.

Keep The Fun Going Inside
No-one want to leave the novelty of the snow and go back inside unless there is something equally exciting waiting for them. Have hot chocolate ingredients (including marshmallows of course) waiting and snow-related craft materials set out waiting.

Have Fun and Keep Warm
Waterproofs and snowsuits are perfect for snow weather. Where waterproofs keep little ones dry the snow suits keep them snug and warm. Ensure that little ones layer up well so that they may enoy the snow, which so quickly disappears without getting too cold.

A great tip from one Mum has been to use tights to add an extra layer to legs, for boys or for girls. Toddler boys won’t mind as long as they can get outside and enjoy the snow. Extra gloves are a must as they soon get wet and of course hats, even if using a hood in snow is required for keeping little ones (and big ones) warm and happy.



9 thoughts on “Toddler Fun in The Snow

  1. Janine Reply

    Looks like you had a lot of fun in that photo.
    We had snow too the last 2 days but it is all melted now and we are back to storm and rain.

  2. Lina Reply

    My 3 year old daughter was so excited to see the recent snow – it was so important that I took time out to enjoy it with her as it is so short lived!

  3. Let's Talk Mommy Reply

    Oh I love this. Great capture too! Kids and snow are the best. Missy Moo has never been in the snow ever. I can’t wait to see her face the first time she plays in it. I bet she won’t know what to do with it all. lol I have great memories playing in the snow as kids. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Sorry if you had any trouble commenting on my site today as the host is being transferred there are a few glitches to fix. Apologies. #sharewithme

  4. Lynn Hogg Reply

    You do need to grab your chances when you can with snow don’t you @disqus_95PUqLEm8N:disqus ? I also have great memories of the snow when I was young however we seemed to get a lot more then @letstalkmommy:disqus

  5. Susanne Remic Reply

    Ah these are fab ideas- and very apt as we have lots of snow right now! x x

  6. Natalie Ray Reply

    Oh that’s just rubbing it in, we still haven’t had a decent amount yet. If anyone is fed up of the snow, please send it to Worcestershire. Thank you 🙂

    • Lynn Hogg Reply

      We have had quite a bit this year but I am in Scotland so to be expected ! Has turned to ice now so pavements are like ice rinks.

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