Babies, Christenings and Faith 

Despite the somewhat “heavy” title this is purely a discussion post as we consider the options available to parents and the choices they have to make regarding faith on behalf of their children. We feel the best way to “discuss” such a personal topic, given that there are absolutely no right or wrong ways to approach the subject is to open it up to you, parents, parents to be and those thinking about entering parenthood. Have a read and please do leave us a comment with your opinion / thoughts as we would (and no doubt other parents would) enjoy reading them.


What are the current thoughts on church christenings? Should we christen babies if we ourselves are not a part of a church? Some might say that a naming ceremony, a non-religious gathering where friends and family may get to meet the new addition might be more appropriate if the parents are not religious themselves. That as may be what about the child? While they are too young at the age of their christening or early baptism to be well-informed enough to commit to a religion or belief system of any sort as yet they might choose to when older and wish that they had been introduced early.

These days many recognise that a christening is a ceremony through which parents and godparents promise to raise the child in a manner that would be fitting with the beliefs in question (namely to be respectful, to treat others as they would like to be treated, to live an honest life (etc)) as opposed to actually committing a child to a certain religion for life.

What do you think?

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Mixed-Faith Families 

What do families do when their religious beliefs differ? It might be that parents believe different things entirely or perhaps one holds no particular faith whilst the other does. How do parents decide in a situation like this to do regarding christening or no christening, which faith to introduce the child to or not? How have you as parents or perhaps children of parents yourselves who had differing views growing up decided to approach this important decision?

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Parents Belonging to No Religious Order / Belief System 

If as parents you don’t believe in God or indeed hold no spiritual beliefs how do you approach this with your children? We discussed this amongst ourselves and one member of the More4Mums team had this to say…

Neither my husband or I follow or belong to any particular religion. When filling in forms our religion is always “None” and we have ticked that same box on our children’s school forms. Despite however not holding firm beliefs ourselves we have a deep respect for faith and what it may mean to people and are raising our children in the same way; to respect other people’s beliefs and to make up their own mind regarding their own. We are please to see that our school approaches religion in a very open and diverse way and this is something we mirror at home by ensuring our boys understand what religion is (and explore different religions and belief systems) so that they may make an informed choice (or not) when they feel ready to“.

How have you approached the topic of religion within your family? If you wish to share your experiences / intentions please leave your comment below.

*Please note, we have never had to delete comments from legitimate commenters before and don’t want to start now so regardless of what your opinion is or what you feel about other people’s choices please remember that More4Mums is supportive of the right of all parents to choose for themselves and will not tolerate any derogatory comments. 



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