Surviving Christmas When Pregnant

Christmas is a time for fun, frolicks and family festivities. When you are pregnant however it might be that you find Christmas holds slightly less appeal given the fact that you can’t drink, dance and feel tired easily. There is no need to despair however as with these few top tips you’ll find ways to make Christmas when pregnant not only bearable but more enjoyable that expected.

Swap Drinks

You may not be drinking alcohol this Christmas but that doesn’t mean you have to be relegated to orange squash or another milky tea. Why not mix things up with some fresh and rather special non-alcoholic cocktails? Just don’t forget the cherry and the little umbrellas.

Fruit Cocktail

Get Others to Pitch In

There is no need to do all of the work yourself this Christmas. You already have a full time job carrying around and growing your little one. Instead of piling on the pressure to get everything done on time, delegate. You’ll no doubt find that everyone is more than happy to pitch in. When it comes to putting together the Christmas feast ask everyone to bring something to cut back on you having to spend all day slaving, go for a non-traditional meal such as a buffet or something similar or why not treat yourselves and eat out? Someone else cooks and does the dishes, that sounds like a winner.

Scale it Back

If you really aren’t up for an all-singing and all-dancing festive season scale back the celebrations, people will understand. Life with a new baby, born or on the way is very different to¬†life¬†without and so if you feel that this Christmas you’d rather cuddle up, be cosy and enjoy some R&R with your family while nurturing your little one then simply politely decline invites.

Decorating the House

If you, like many love to go OTT with decorating the house, hanging decorations, paper chains and more remember that when it comes to climbing on ladders and generally balancing that you might not be as sturdy as last year. Rope in some helpers to do any heavy lifting and tasks which you feel you might struggle with.

christmas when pregnant

Take Yourself Off for a While

Being pregnant is a magical and wonderful time. It may also be rather tiring and at times very emotional. If you need to take yourself away from the festivities for a lie down, or just away from the heat and the noise do so, no-one will mind.

Pack a Rescue Kit

If you are going away for Christmas make sure you pack your creature comforts, your Gaviscon, your maternity notes and everything else you might find 1) useful and 2) calming.

What are your top tips for surviving Christmas when pregnant?

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