5 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Pregnant Women

Pregnant women have as good a sense of humour as the next person however there are some things which really should be on the “Do not say this to someone who is expecting” list.

“Are you sure your dates are right? You’re very small”.

Bump envy is a real thing. Of course pregnant women can’t wait to sport a bump, showing off their much loved little one and how well he or she is developing. Telling an expecting mother they look too small for their dates might make some worry and is bound to make others a bit miffed.


“When I had my baby I had 100 stitches and a 45 hour labour. It was hideous”.

What is it about seeing a pregnant lady that makes people want to share only the horror stories? Each and every labour is different, unique and special in its own way. Share stories by all means but remember to include the positives.

“Wow, you look like you’re going to explode – are you sure it’s not twins !”

Really? It isn’t bad enough that as a pregnant mother you haven’t slept properly in three weeks, that you have a very good idea about where your pelvis is because it aches a fair bit or that you’re already impatient to meet your little one? Clearly not because it seems you really needed to hear that you look massive too.


“It’s your hormones”

While hormones do play a rather large part in pregnancy they don’t dictate a pregnant lady’s every action. Although being told constantly that you’re hormonal might actually make you feel a bit cranky.

“Can I Touch Your Tummy?”

Some people really have a thing about this. When it comes to personal space pregnant women have the right to not be groped in the same way as anyone else. The best approach is to just not ask, as asking makes it difficult for some mothers to say no, despite not really being comfortable. If a pregnant woman wants you to touch heer bump, she’ll offer.

Perhaps these things aren’t too bad, it could just be the hormones that make these things annoying 🙂

What is the best / worse thing that’s been said to you when pregnant?

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