So What Do We Think About Hosting a Baby Shower?

Baby showers are a fairly recent addition to the social calendar and there are still many who are unsure about how they feel about these events.

My babies are older now and baby showers were virtually unheard of when I was pregnant, unless you caught the odd American show on the television. Which camp to you belong to when it comes to hosting baby showers, yay or nay?

Why Not?

Hen parties are perfectly acceptable, as are engagement parties so why are baby showers any different? Surely they are all simply occasions where close friends and families get together to celebrate something special?

A baby shower may be as glitzy or as low key as the mum-to-be likes. If people want to bring gifts they can, the same as they might for a wedding, and if not that’s fine. Some baby showers are a gift-free zone unless you count the funny prizes which may be won during silly party games.

Again each party is individual to the mother as well as those attending and at the end of the day no-one is forced to attend if they feel uncomfortable.

baby shower

No Thanks!

Pregnancy and birth are times to be cherished, not traded upon for gifts which help cut the cost of kitting out the nursery. Some of these parties even have gift lists in the same way that weddings do, and many people have issues with them then too.

Inviting a new life into the world is a magical event, not a commercial one. Perhaps the idea is simply too new for some and that is why they don’t feel that it is a traditional event or one which they may identify with. While it is natural to want to share the new member of the family with others surely a christening or a naming day when the baby has actually arrived would be a better idea, rather than a party beforehand?


Here at More4Mums HQ we feel that how any mother chooses to celebrate their pregnancy with friends, families or colleagues is entirely up her. If nothing else it is a fabulous excuse to get together, laugh, play, share experiences, advice and hilarious hospital stories while in the company of important people…. and cake.

The biggest issue here seems to be the giving of gifts. An alternative to this could be making the event a gift-free one, suggesting a small donation to a pregnancy, birth or children’s charity instead.

What do you think?

P.S. You can find some of our favourite baby shower ideas over on pinterest.

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  1. Otilia Reply

    i have two girls and nobody done a baby shower for me. I mean this is something someone needs to organise for you isn’t it? Oh well I don’t think i missed much. Thank you so much for linking with the #pinitparty

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