5 Pregnancy Worries Answered

When pregnant there seems so much to worry about all of a sudden. Here we explain five of the most common pregnancy worries.

Is Morning Sickness Damaging My Baby?

Firstly don’t count on “morning” sickness only taking place during the morning as for some women it may strike at any time of the day. Some are actually sick while others struggle with on-going nausea.
As for sickness hurting your baby, retching and actually throwing up will not cause any damage to baby who is very well protected in your womb. What you must take in account is that throughout your pregnancy baby relies on you for nourishment. If your sickness is severe (hyperemesis gravidarum is the name for severe sickness in pregnancy), you struggle to eat and are bcoming deydrated speak to your midwife or care-giver who will help you ensure both you and baby get all of the fluids and nutrition you both need.

Is Exercising in Pregnancy Dangerous?

The more fit and active you are in pregnancy the better placed and healthy you will be to cope with the rigours of late pregnancy, labour and those first few busy weeks as a new parent. As with everything in pregnancy moderation is the key and so enjoy regular exercise however avoid pushing yourself too far or undertaking very high impact exercise types and sports.

Scuba-diving for example  is out due to baby having no way of protecting itself against gas  bubbles in the bloodsteam and decompression sickness. You should also avoid post-sixteen week exercise where you lie on your back as the weight of your growing baby and bump will press against the main blood vessel making you feel very faint and dizzy. For more advice on what exerise is safe during pregnancy ask your midwife or care-giver.

Will Drinking Alcohol in Pregnancy Harm my Baby?

The official NHS guidelines state that pregnant women should ideally stop drinking altogther when pregnant or limit themselves to no more than 1-2 units of alcohol once or twice a week (this equates to a small glass of wine). As alcohol drunk by the mother is passed through the placenta to your baby abstinence is considered best. It is after all only for a few months.

Will Flying Damage my Baby?

The general consensus is that flying is not unsafe when pregnant. That said many airlines restrict bookings from pregnant passengers after a certain point in the pregnancy, mainly as they are concerned about you giving birth in the air. Check in advance the airline’s policies and speak to your midwife or care-giver about whether wearing compression stockings for longer journeys to reduce the risk of blood clots (thombosis) and swelling in the legs might be worthwhile.

Is My Bump Too Small?

As with all things bumps come in all shapes and sizes. Some women appear to have huge bumps early on while other frustrated mums-to-be are tempted to shove a cushion up their top as their bump seems small or taking too long to become “obvious”. Your midwife will measure your bump as part of the pregnancy checks and scans thse days give a much more accurate picture of how big or small a baby is and whether their size is right for their dates. If you have any worries do discuss them with your care-giver.

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