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Hello everyone! My name is Pippa, otherwise known as Red Rose Mummy and I’m really pleased to have been chosen to work with More 4 Mums as one of their new guest bloggers.

I live in the North West with my partner and our two children. I don’t use their real names online so they are known as Bud and Little Miss. Bud was born in April 2010 and Little Miss joined us in September 2012. Our family is definitely complete now, here’s a photo of my babies.



Breastfeeding was something I really wanted to do. I didn’t really consider any other option for feeding Bud during my pregnancy although we bought bottles and a steriliser just in case. Luckily, after a difficult fortnight at the start, we both took to it and I continued to feed him until he was 25 months old.  The newborn Bud was a very lazy feeder and generally preferred to sleep rather than feed. He lost a lot of weight in his first week as my milk didn’t arrive until day 5 but we persevered and he started to gain weight quite quickly once it did.

The reason we stopped feeding was because I was pregnant with Little Miss and the hormonal conflict between pregnancy and breastfeeding was a bit too much for me. I know that doesn’t happen for many people but I struggled. I was so proud to get past Bud’s second birthday as I very much took breastfeeding on a week by week basis. I was determined never to beat myself up over my feeding choices and I think this contributed to my being relaxed and helped me a lot. Bud was ready to stop I think, he was feeding before his afternoon nap and, some nights, before bed and weaning was easy. A bit too easy really! I was quite sad that he didn’t seem bothered.

I had a five month break from feeding and then Little Miss arrived. She took to breastfeeding far better than her Brother, like a duck to water in fact. Her latch has always been terrific and she is quite a greedy girl. I’ve noticed her growth spurts much more than I did with Bud. We have had a few days where she has fed all day long. Luckily she sleeps well and usually only wakes once in the night so I don’t mind her feeding well and often during the day. Little Miss will be my last baby so I’ll breastfeed as long as she wants to.

I was made redundant from my job as a Charity Administrator three months after returning to work from my maternity leave with Bud and now stay at home with my children. I have my own blog at Red Rose Mummy and spend a lot of my spare time keeping that updated. Writing is a creative outlet for me and, since starting my blog nearly 18 months ago, has become essential to me. I also volunteer and help to run our local church toddler group. We enjoy spending time with our extended family and try to have as many days out together as we can, even if it is just a trip to our local country park. You can read more about our adventures on my blog.


A crucial help for me in breastfeeding was having good advice and someone to ask questions. I was lucky to have a good friend and my cousin for advice. Both had breastfed two children and were able to offer me a lot of help. I’d really recommend identifying someone to go to with any questions. If you have any for me please feel free to ask me in the comments below, or find me on Twitter where I am @RedRoseMummy.

I’m really looking forward to reviewing and blogging for More 4 Mums, I’ll be posting my first review of a breastfeeding dress soon.

2 thoughts on “Introducing our Guest Bloggers – Pippa

  1. Jenny Leonard Reply

    Well done for persevering! It’s always worth it – it took me 5 days to get my first one(of 5) to feed, plenty of milk but he just wouldn’t do it. I was adamant he would because his Dad had asthma and I wanted to protect him as best I could. Without that I’m sure I’d have given up. Fed him until 19 months in the end – now 19 years and no asthma 😀

  2. Lynn Hogg Reply

    I don’t think we are properly prepared for breastfeeding beforehand, everyone say’s it comes naturally but for many people it is a struggle to begin with. It is good to hear everyone’s experience.

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